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  1. Episode 018 Texas City Tells: Garrett McLeod - DOW

    He is back! Garret McLeod is back as the Geographic Communications Manager for DOW. He sat down with us to tell us exactly what that means and also what exciting things DOW has coming up in 2023. For more information visit www.dow.com or find...

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  2. Episode 017 Texas City Tells: Fernando Tello - Tello's Collision Center

    This week he couldn't let his wife have all the glory; Fernando Tello joined us on the podcast. Fernando is the owner of Tello's Collision Center. We talked about his expansion plans and what Darcie should do if she "accidentally" got spray paint...

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  3. Episode 016 Texas City Tells: Courtni Tello - Tello Smiles

    This week we are so excited to welcome Courtni Tello to the podcast. Courtni is the owner of Tello Smiles. Dr. Tello answers all the burning questions the girls had and find out what deals they have for the holiday season. For more...

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