Mayor's Lighthouse Award (MLA)

Photo Feb 2

The Mayor’s Lighthouse Award (MLA) is an award given periodically to a deserving resident of Texas City or a surrounding area who has made a significant impact in the life / lives of residents of Texas City.    

As we know, a lighthouse is a tower that uses a beacon of light to help guide the lost ship in darkness; it’s a safety mechanism to serve as a navigational aid and to show people the way.  It can warn mariners of dangers that lie ahead, whether it be storm or other dangerous vessels.   Lighthouses stop ships from crashing into unseen land and shorelines.  Lighthouses come in all sizes, shapes, and colors.   

The Mayor’s Lighthouse Award is a prestigious award symbolic of any or all of these attributes.  It will be given to those who have used their time, talents, or treasures to shine a light in a dark world… to help the lost find their way… or some heroic act above and beyond the call of duty to save someone from the dangers of this world.  Many things can qualify one for the MLA and the Mayor will award this award at the mayor’s discretion only.  Nominations for this prestigious award will be accepted year-round, online