WiFi Locations

WiFi Map

The City of Texas City provides free Wi-Fi in public places throughout the City. Through the efforts of two committed civic minded citizens, Jason Delgado, and Kyle Dickson, the City was able to attract a vendor to install a WiMax system that provides a wide area of Wi-Fi service in popular public places:

  • 6th Street North from Texas Avenue to 9th Avenue North
  • Bay Street Park and the entrance to the Texas City Dike
  • Carlos Garza Park
  • Carver Park
  • Godard Park
  • Nessler Park and inside all facilities in the park
  • Sanders/Vincent Center
  • Tarpey Park
  • Texas City Municipal Shooting Range

The funding was provided by the Texas City Economic Development Corporation.

The access is free and does not require a password. While the service is free and open to the public, it is not secure and service is subject to interference and downtime. It is not a dependable source for internet use.

It is hoped that the service can be expanded to other areas of the City over time. One advantage to the general public is that many internet providers and smartphone companies do not charge data usage if someone is connected to a free Wi-Fi service.

6th Street and Vincent - Sanders Center

6th Street from 4th Avenue North to 9th Avenue North, including the Vincent/Sanders Center, 501 4th Avenue North

Bay Street Park

Bay Street Park, 800 Bay Street, including the entrance to the Texas City Dike and Tarpey Park

Carlos Garza Sports Complex

Carlos Garza Sports Complex, 3300 Magnolia Avenue

Carver Park

Carver Park, 6415 Park Avenue

Godard Park

Godard Park, Loop 197 North and 23rd Street North

Nessler Park

Nessler Park and inside all City facilities, 1700 5th Avenue North

Municipal Shooting Range